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Accelerate AI development and deployment with Auto-Keras - the ultimate open-source library for creating powerful, optimized machine learning models without coding. Perfect for developers, data scientists, and AI practitioners.

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What is Auto-Keras?

Auto-Keras is an exceptional machine learning library designed to simplify the process of developing and implementing artificial intelligence models. This open-source tool offers a user-friendly interface suitable for individuals at any skill level. By utilizing Auto-Keras, users can effortlessly generate robust and high-performing AI models without the need to write code. The library automatically analyzes data and optimizes models, eliminating the burden on users. Additionally, it provides automated functionalities such as model training, selection, hyperparameter optimization, and deployment, enabling swift creation and implementation of AI solutions. Auto-Keras empowers developers, data scientists, and AI practitioners to swiftly build and deploy top-notch models, without requiring extensive knowledge of intricate AI algorithms. As a result, Auto-Keras stands as the ultimate AI library for expediting the development and deployment of AI solutions.


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Auto-Keras FQA

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Auto-Keras Use Cases

AutoKeras is an AutoML system based on Keras that aims to make machine learning accessible to everyone.

AutoKeras provides learning resources such as tutorials and examples on their official website.

The book 'Automated Machine Learning in Action' provides a comprehensive guide to AutoKeras.

The LiveProjects series offers a hands-on experience with AutoKeras, specifically in the area of image classification.

To install AutoKeras, use the pip installation command 'pip3 install autokeras'.

For more details on installation, refer to the AutoKeras installation guide.

The AutoKeras community can be reached through GitHub Discussions for any questions or queries.

Contributors can refer to the AutoKeras Contributing Guide to learn about best practices and how to contribute code.

AutoKeras can be cited as 'AutoKeras: An AutoML Library for Deep Learning' in the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

The authors of AutoKeras acknowledge the support of the D3M program, Texas A&M College of Engineering, and Texas A&M University.

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