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Unlock the value of your data with Novacene, the powerful AI platform that simplifies organizing unstructured text data. Save time and energy with automated data cleaning, metadata tagging, and real-time visualization. Turn text data into actionable insights at scale.

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What is Novacene?

Novacene is an advanced AI platform that streamlines the organization of unstructured text data. Its primary objective is to assist data professionals in saving time and effort, enabling them to focus on insightful analysis. Considering that 80% of data necessitates organization prior to extraction, Novacene presents an AI-powered solution that automates this process. The platform empowers data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts with complete control over its functionality through its RESTful API and user-friendly web interface. By leveraging Novacene, you can swiftly and effortlessly transform text data into actionable insights on a large scale. Additionally, the platform encompasses various features including automated data cleaning, metadata tagging, and real-time data visualization. Bid farewell to manual data organization and embark on unlocking the full potential of your data with the cutting-edge Novacene AI Platform™.


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Novacene Use Cases


Market Research

Mystery Shopping

Online Review Analysis


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