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Discover the power of Objaverse, an AI-powered platform by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Uncover patterns, trends, and insights in text data with ease. Gain deeper insights with text classification, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis. Visualize and present your findings effortlessly. Perfect for NLP and machine learning researchers.

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What is Objaverse?

Objaverse is an AI-powered platform developed by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, specifically designed to support research on natural language processing and machine learning. This platform offers users a comprehensive and powerful set of tools and resources to explore and analyze text data effectively. With Objaverse, researchers can easily identify patterns, trends, and valuable insights from large datasets. It also provides features like text classification, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis, enabling researchers to gain a deeper understanding of their data. Moreover, Objaverse offers a variety of visualization tools and dashboards that assist users in interpreting their data and presenting their findings. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Objaverse is the ideal solution for researchers working in the fields of natural language processing and machine learning.



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Objaverse FQA

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  • Is Objaverse-XL compatible with Blender?icon plus
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Objaverse Use Cases

Objaverse-XL is a universe of 10M+ 3D objects

Objaverse-XL is 12x larger than Objaverse 1.0 and 100x larger than all other 3D datasets combined

Using Objaverse-XL, we train Zero123-XL, a foundation model for 3D with incredible 3D generation abilities

Using Zero123-XL, we can perform single image to 3D generation using Dreamfusion

Each Objaverse-XL object can be rendered and imported into Blender

Objaverse-XL is openly available and hosted on Hugging Face

Objaverse-XL is a collaboration between researchers at various institutions, including the Allen Institute for AI, University of Washington, Columbia University, Stability AI, LAION, and Caltech

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