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Create stunning AI art in seconds with Openjourney Bot. Generate captivating images with a simple text prompt on Discord. Get your creative journey started now!

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What is Openjourney Bot?

Openjourney is an exceptional discord bot that offers free AI-generated art. By harnessing advanced AI algorithms, this innovative bot produces stunning and one-of-a-kind images inspired by text prompts.


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Pros VS Cons

Openjourney Bot is a free and user-friendly tool that generates unique and beautiful images from text prompts, offering multiple model options, regular updates, and rewards for Patreon supporters.
However, it has limitations such as a cooldown period, limited monthly tokens, and the need for Patreon benefits, as well as the requirement of bits for operation and regular model selection.

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Openjourney Bot FQA

  • How does Openjourney Bot work?icon plus
  • What can I use /imagine for?icon plus
  • How do I select a model for image generation?icon plus
  • What is the cooldown for image generation?icon plus
  • What is the pricing for Openjourney Bot?icon plus

Openjourney Bot Use Cases

Generate AI art based on a text prompt

Choose from different models to generate variations of images

Reduce cooldown and receive bonus tokens by becoming a Patreon supporter

Use Bits as a token to create images

Start imagining for free with OpenJourney

Partner with Prodia Inc and Replicate Inc for image generation and hosting

Upgrade to different pricing plans for additional benefits

As seen on various platforms

Join the OpenJourney Discord community

Contact OpenJourney for more information

Access documentation for OpenJourney Bot

View the status page of OpenJourney Bot

Read the privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of service for OpenJourney Bot

Powered by Project Razer LLC, partnered with Prodia Inc and Replicate Inc.

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