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Supercharge your Language Model (LLM) apps with Parea AI - the ultimate optimization platform. Simplify prompt engineering and create mind-blowing AI-powered products that amaze customers.

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What is Parea AI?

Parea AI is the ultimate optimization platform that unlocks the full potential of your Language Model (LLM) applications. With Parea AI, developers are equipped with the necessary tools to simplify and enhance prompt engineering, enabling them to create AI-powered products that impress customers.


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Parea AI Use Cases

Parea AI helps developers build production-ready LLM products faster.

Experiment with prompts and chains, version and iterate against test cases, evaluate performance and manage your entire LLM workflow end-to-end.

Optimize your AI development workflow with key features to help you identify and measure the best prompts for your production use-cases.

Lab: Side-by-side comparison of prompts across different models, test cases and evaluations.

Test Hub: CSV import test cases, and define custom evaluation functions.

Collaboration: Data is shared between everyone in your organization to facilitate collaboration.

Traces & Logs: Monitor your LLM api calls, and step into every detail with traces and spans.

Boost your prompt engineering workflow with Python and Typescript SDK.

Transparent Pricing: Choose from Free, Team, or Enterprise plans to fit your scale.

Bring your AI vision to life with Parea and enhance your prompt engineering workflow.

Book a demo for enterprises and ambitious startups.

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