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Unlock the power of precision with Supervised AI - create a custom LLM using your own data for a unique AI app experience. Discover the difference now!

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What is Supervised app?

Supervised is a comprehensive platform that enables users to create and utilize supervised large language models (LLMs) through OpenAI's GPT engine. With its intuitive interface, users can easily build and fine-tune AI models using personalized data. Additionally, Supervised offers the functionality to deploy, monetize, and seamlessly integrate these models using the Supervised API.



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Supervised app FQA

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Supervised app Use Cases

Build local or cloud hosted AI apps using Sttabot no-code and API infra.

Build complex AI backed AI chat bots to automate your support and sales.

Build & annotate your dataset from scratch or with our pre-trained templates.

Custom deploy LLM models and build unlimited AI apps with Sttabot AI & API.

Now, you can scale your AI applications using the Sttabot’s own API and GUI-enabled SDK for developing scalable LLM solutions at lightning fast speed.

Automate your enterprise’s customer support by integrating an efficient AI-backed chat bot in emails, apps, and web sites.

Easily build & integrate a bot to upsell and recommend products on your sales and pricing page to increase ROI.

Build a completely new AI product/tool from scratch using our AI infrastructure that gives you endless possibilities for building.

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