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Unlock the power of AI with Patterns. Connect ChatGPT to your business data, build a customer support bot, and enhance your product. Boost efficiency and drive results.

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What is Patterns?

Patterns, formerly known as Atoma, is an advanced AI system designed to empower users in constructing robust AI systems through the utilization of reusable components. This cutting-edge platform provides a diverse set of modular low-level building blocks, enabling the development of AI applications of varying complexities. By harnessing the capabilities of Patterns, users can effortlessly automate analytics, seamlessly integrate data, and effortlessly create intelligent applications.



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Patterns FQA

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Patterns Use Cases

Build mission-critical integrations, automations, and workflows with GPT from a powerful set of building blocks. Deploy and scale with no hassle infrastructure.

Develop locally, deploy instantly. Analyze, monitor and debug with Patterns Studio App

Build simple data integrations or complex LLM knowledge bots by utilizing our different primitives: Webhooks, Functions, Tables, Interfaces, and a Reactive Graph.

Clone apps like Text-to-SQL Slack Bot, Monitor and Alert on Hacker News Events, DIY Stable Diffusion Bot, GPT-3 Technical Support Bot

Leverage Open-Source Components for event ingestion, data processing, and actions on external systems

Effortless infrastructure for high-performance apps

Connect to 100s of fully managed data integrations to extract and load your data into clean schemas in minutes with zero-effort

Create apps, scripts, and run SQL queries using Patterns

Upload app versions and deploy to the cloud with Patterns

Access documentation, blog, and support resources for Patterns

Follow Patterns on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord

Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Patterns

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