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PlagScan: The Essential Plagiarism Checker for Students & Professionals. Detect, rectify, and ensure originality with our state-of-the-art software. Get detailed reports and reliable security measures. Try now!

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What is PlagScan?

PlagScan is a cutting-edge software that is indispensable for students and professionals seeking to verify the originality of their work. This advanced tool swiftly and accurately identifies any instances of copied or paraphrased content, enabling users to promptly address any potential infringement concerns. PlagScan boasts a comprehensive array of features, including a robust search engine, highly efficient plagiarism detection algorithms, and a user-friendly interface. With its intuitive system, users can effortlessly scan their entire document or specific sections within seconds. Additionally, PlagScan generates detailed reports that encompass an overall similarity score, a breakdown of sources utilized, and a list of suggested corrections. By utilizing PlagScan, individuals can confidently ensure the authenticity of their work and effectively prevent copyright violations. Furthermore, the software's dependable security measures guarantee the protection and confidentiality of all documents.


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PlagScan FQA

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PlagScan Use Cases

PlagScan is a plagiarism checker that allows users to check the authenticity of a text with just a couple of clicks.

PlagScan works with all common file formats.

Users can sign up for free to use PlagScan.

PlagScan offers a customizable plagiarism report that can be adapted to the user's needs.

PlagScan prioritizes data protection and ensures that uploaded documents are never shared with unauthorized third parties.

PlagScan provides a quick user guide to help users get started with the platform.

PlagScan is highly recommended by existing customers, including Dr. Ahmad Javaid from The University of Toledo and Dr. Andreas Kemper from Gymnasium Lohmar.

PlagScan is ideal for non-fiction book authors, as it saves time in fact-checking.

PlagScan offers solutions for students, private users, organizations, and authors.

PlagScan provides features such as document management, plagiarism reports, assignments, author metrics, administration for organizations, LMS integration and API, algorithm and sources, and plagiarism prevention pool (PPP).

PlagScan is a company that values data protection and privacy.

PlagScan offers support through FAQs, manuals, video tutorials, and a contact form.

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