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Take control of your financial planning and budgeting with PlanGuru's all-in-one software solution. Create accurate plans, optimize cash flow, and make informed decisions for your business. Try it today!

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What is PlanGuru?

PlanGuru is a comprehensive planning and budgeting software solution designed to simplify the financial planning process. By offering users an intuitive and user-friendly interface, PlanGuru makes it easy to create accurate financial plans and budgets. With its robust features, businesses can perform complex financial analysis, develop budgeting models, and create dynamic plans and forecasts. The software allows users to quickly build and adjust their plans, identify potential risks and opportunities, and effortlessly monitor performance. Additionally, PlanGuru offers powerful budgeting and forecasting capabilities that help businesses optimize cash flow, set achievable goals, and gain a better understanding of their financial situation. By providing the necessary tools and insights, PlanGuru empowers users to take control of their financial planning and budgeting, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their desired outcomes.


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PlanGuru FQA

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PlanGuru Use Cases

PlanGuru helps businesses, nonprofits, and advisors drive better decision making through budgeting and financial analytics.

PlanGuru allows users to set financial goals, analyze financial performance, and make better decisions based on the data.

With PlanGuru's rolling forecast feature, users can understand the implications of their decisions on profitability and cash flow before making them.

PlanGuru helps businesses define a long-term vision and run what-if scenarios to evaluate risks and opportunities.

The PlanGuru software offers integrated 3-Way Forecasting and free educational resources to create more intelligent scenarios in less time.

PlanGuru Launch is a customized package designed to help businesses get up and running quickly in PlanGuru.

PlanGuru allows users to import historical results, view budget vs actual reports, and build rolling forecasts with just a few clicks.

Users can create simple high-level budgets or detailed multi-department operating budgets with consolidations using PlanGuru.

With scenario analysis in PlanGuru, users can make important investments and strategic decisions with confidence.

PlanGuru's reporting tools provide insight into specific aspects of a business's performance, helping users make adjustments for success.

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