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Discover 51,000+ verified investors & VC funds on Raizer. Craft perfect emails with AI, reach out in one click.

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What is Raizer?

Raizer is an innovative platform designed to assist startup founders in locating ideal investors for their companies. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Raizer empowers founders to effortlessly identify and connect with relevant venture capitalists (VCs) and Angel investors to fulfill their fundraising requirements.



Pros VS Cons

Raizer is a comprehensive and efficient tool for startups, offering a wide range of investor profiles, personalized messaging options, and easy setup, facilitating fundraising and connecting with specific investors.
However, it has limited communication channels, lacks personalization beyond tone, and lacks important features such as a mobile app, multi-language support, integrations with CRMs, analytics, and investor engagement tracking, making it potentially intrusive and less suitable for non-startup use.

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Raizer FQA

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Raizer Use Cases

Founders use Raizer to find perfect investors for their companies.

Investors in our database have email addresses.

We verified an info by analyzing previous deals made by investors.

Only active investors with deals in the past 12 months.

No «fake» VCs but real investors with available cash to invest.

Up-to-date database and new investor listings every week.

Use our built-in AI for message generation, or go the old-fashioned way and write them manually. It's totally up to you.

Connect your email address and send messages to selected investors in one click.

Trusted by 3,000+ founders from all industries

Craft hyper-specific messages using our trained AI

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