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Pliny: Transform your prompt into a shareable app effortlessly. Run it for free or remix it to unleash your creativity. Try it now!

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What is Pliny?

Pliny is a user-friendly platform that transforms your prompt into a customizable app. It enables you to freely share your app with others, who can run it using their own inputs or modify it to develop a unique version.



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Pliny FQA

  • Why did Pliny close?icon plus
  • What is Faraday.dev?icon plus
  • What are the features of Faraday.dev?icon plus
  • Where can I find Faraday.dev?icon plus
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Pliny Use Cases

Pliny has closed.

We decided to shutdown Pliny to focus our time on [Faraday.dev](https://faraday.dev?pliny=true) - an offline-first, zero-configuration, desktop app that supports chatting with AI Characters.

With [Faraday.dev](https://faraday.dev?pliny=true) , you can run over 100 different open-source LLMs all on your machine without needing to touch the command line. [Faraday.dev](https://faraday.dev?pliny=true) also supports Llama 2 models and GPU acceleration.

We hope you try it out!

Thanks, The ~~Pliny~~ Faraday Team

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