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Unlock the power of your data with Plot - the intuitive plotting tool that brings your insights to life. Easily visualize trends, relationships, and patterns with stunning visuals. Customize and share your data effortlessly. Get started today!

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What is Plot?

Plot is a user-friendly and robust plotting tool designed to help users gain valuable insights from their data. By utilizing Plot, individuals can effortlessly visualize and analyze data from various sources, enabling them to grasp trends, correlations, and patterns more effectively. Whether it's basic plotting or intricate data visualizations, Plot offers a wide range of features to assist users in comprehending their data. Getting started with Plot is a breeze, allowing users to swiftly create visually captivating representations of their data. Furthermore, Plot allows for extensive customization of graphs and charts, ensuring that they align precisely with users' specific requirements. Additionally, sharing data insights with others is made simple and efficient with Plot. By utilizing Plot, users can breathe life into their data, maximizing its potential and extracting the utmost value from it.



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Plot FQA

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Plot Use Cases

Map lifecycle flows, plan campaigns and launches, build Facebook ad sets

Craft compelling, multi-channel story arcs around a key launch moment

Sketch and build conversion and retention flows across your customer lifecycle

Create and document one-time messages

Share live frames and HTML email previews

Use templated editors for email, ads, SMS, and more

Create together with comments, @ mentions, and real-time collaboration

Organize work and manage permissions securely with team spaces

Easily share gorgeous, interactive presentation links

Connect data sources to sync performance and metrics

Hit Cmd K to search active and past campaigns

Visualize your channel mix, identify content opportunities, and eliminate silos

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