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Unlock the power of AI and LLMs with Pocket LLM. Memorize, search, and access thousands of PDFs & documents effortlessly. Private and free. Get started now!

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What is Pocket LLM?

ThirdAI is a platform that focuses on making advanced large language models (LLMs) and other state-of-the-art AI technologies easily accessible to everyone. Their primary goal is to offer personalized and private AI solutions, specifically trained on standard hardware. These solutions ensure incredibly fast inference with minimal latency, removing the necessity for GPUs, TPUs, or specialized ASIC.



Pros VS Cons

Pocket LLM offers swift document search, hash-based processing algorithms, accelerated neural network training, fast deep learning inference, cloud-free functionality, full data privacy control, and compatibility with Mac and Windows, making it beneficial for legal firms, journalists, researchers, and knowledge builders in creating quick knowledge bases with quick citation and context-finding capabilities.
However, Pocket LLM is limited to Mac and Windows, supports only PDFs and documents, lacks collaborative features and a mobile app, has limited customization options, lacks support for other languages, lacks cloud integration, and is unsuitable for non-tech-savvy users with no API for integration.

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Pocket LLM FQA

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  • What solutions does ThirdAI offer?icon plus
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Pocket LLM Use Cases

Build Your Own LLMs

Classify: Topic modeling, Sentiment Analysis, Intent Classification

Personalize: Coldstart Recommendation, Semantic Search, Hyper relevant Q & A

Generate: Summarize, Text generation, Auto complete

Build a Large Language Model on your Laptop!

The Third AI Difference: Pre-train on your data instead of just using public models

Sentiment Analysis: Accuracy - RoBERTa (fine tuned for sentiment) - 83.02%, ThirdAI Bolt - 93%, Training Time - 40 hours on GPU, 20 min on laptop CPU, Inference latency (ms) - 46, 1

SciFact Benchmark: Precision@1 - T5-Large - 39, ThirdAI UDT - 58, Recall@100 - 82, 90

Information Retrieval on MSMarco: Latency (ms) - ColBERT V2 - 721, ThirdAI BOLT - 100, Recall - .965, .962

Unified Interference

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