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Experience the power of My AskAI - effortlessly integrate ChatGPT with your website, Slackbot, or Zapier. Simple enough for anyone, including a 74-year-old user. Get started now!

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What is My AskAI?

AskAI is a website that enables users to effortlessly create their own AI Assistant. By incorporating their documents, website, or content, users can conveniently access instant answers to any queries pertaining to the added content. This feature of AskAI not only saves time but also enhances the overall search engine optimization (SEO) of the website.



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My AskAI Use Cases

Save hours of searching for your customers or team, with instant answers, from all your content and docs

The smartest organisations are getting better answers, anytime, anywhere

Join 39,683 others saving hours of reading, scrolling, searching, and waiting, with My Ask AI

My AskAI is solving the issue of deploying and training on company materials

My AskAI helps to deploy employee manuals and policies and procedures

My AskAI allows users to upload existing documentation and generate an AI assistant

My AskAI organizes documentation to make it effective and usable

My AskAI generates an AI tuned to custom knowledge base for natural language questions

My AskAI allows adding source documents and referencing them in answers

My AskAI is easy to use and accurate in providing answers

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