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Boost exam success with Prepar, the AI-powered study management app. Personalized plans, progress tracking, and exam simulation for efficient studying. Achieve your goals now!

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What is Prepar?

Prepar is a cutting-edge study management tool designed to optimize your study routine. By harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, Prepar empowers you to efficiently organize your schedules, tasks, and reviews, ultimately elevating your overall study experience.



Pros VS Cons

Prepar offers a comprehensive set of features including study schedule organization, task tracking, performance improvement pointers, and a study group feature, making it an efficient and personalized study management tool.
However, it lacks offline functionality, cross-platform support, a free version, and customization options, and does not offer third-party integrations or collaborative, real-time editing, limiting its versatility and adaptability.

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Prepar Use Cases

Organize your studies intelligently

Enhance your learning while AI works with your data

turn information into knowledge

Revision control

PREPAR helps you to know exactly what you need to review and when is the ideal time for it

Weekly goals

You define your study time goals and questions and receive detailed progress tracking

This helps eliminate procrastination and ensures that you efficiently and consistently achieve your study objectives

Prepar AI

Ask the AI to generate questions based on the subject you're studying, or to summarize the last class, or even to explain a complex topic to you as if you were a 12-year-old child

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