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Create high-quality, standout textbooks with PreTeXt. This open-source platform offers a WYSIWYG editor, collaborative editing, and extensive templates. Publish in print and digital formats, including HTML, PDF, and EPUB. Optimize your content and export easily.

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What is PreTeXt?

PreTeXt is a cutting-edge, open source platform specifically designed to cater to the needs of authors seeking to produce top-notch textbooks of exceptional quality. With an array of robust tools and features at their disposal, authors can effortlessly create and manage their content. The platform offers a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, enabling authors to visualize their work in real-time. Additionally, PreTeXt employs a structured content format, providing a systematic approach to organizing information. To further enhance the authoring experience, PreTeXt offers a vast selection of templates and themes.

Collaborative editing is seamlessly integrated into PreTeXt, enabling authors to collaborate effortlessly and solicit valuable feedback from fellow writers. This collaborative aspect facilitates a dynamic and interactive writing process. PreTeXt empowers authors to craft visually stunning textbooks and publications that are optimized for both print and digital mediums. The platform ensures that the final product is aesthetically pleasing and well-suited to various formats.

Publishing with PreTeXt is hassle-free, as authors can effortlessly transform their work into HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats. Furthermore, PreTeXt facilitates easy content exportation, allowing authors to seamlessly integrate their content with other systems. With its unwavering reliability and powerful capabilities, PreTeXt is the go-to platform for authors seeking to create standout, professional-grade textbooks.


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PreTeXt Use Cases

Authoring and publishing textbooks, research articles, and monographs in STEM disciplines

Creating print, PDF, web, EPUB, Jupyter Notebooks, and braille outputs

Viewing mature PreTeXt projects in the Gallery

Exploring a comprehensive list of PreTeXt projects in the Catalog

Accessing documentation and the PreTeXt Guide

Getting support from experienced authors, publishers, and developers on the support forum

Keeping up with announcements and feature discussions on the mailing-list

Connecting with the PreTeXt community on Twitter or Mastodon

Contributing to PreTeXt development on GitHub

Downloading the PreTeXt repository and updating regularly

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