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Supercharge your browsing with Query Kitty - a free Chrome extension for lightning-fast access to ChatGPT and GPT-4. Write, rephrase, summarize, translate, and explain text on any website hassle-free!

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What is Query Kitty?

Kitty is a web-based platform that leverages ChatGPT to provide fast and engaging copy generation. It specializes in offering a range of products and tools for NFT and DeFi research. These include a trading terminal, wallet analysis, discord bot, mobile app, profit planning, relative valuations, and a chrome extension.



Pros VS Cons

Query Kitty offers a wide range of features including quick content creation, efficient Q&A, social growth engine tool, and customizable prompts, with a one-time fee and lifetime access.
However, it has limitations such as being limited to Chrome-based browsers, poor language support, lack of an API, and limited programming languages support, among others.

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Query Kitty FQA

  • What is the Trading Terminal?icon plus
  • What is the Wallet Study?icon plus
  • What is the Discord Bot?icon plus
  • What is the Mobile App?icon plus
  • What is Profit Taking?icon plus

Query Kitty Use Cases

Trading Terminal

Wallet Study

Discord Bot

Mobile App

Profit Taking

Relative Valuations

Chrome Extension

Developer APIs

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