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Boost your productivity with DashAI - the ultimate tool for instant access to ChatGPT, voice transcriptions, AI quick actions, prompt library, and webpage summarization. Chat with AI and skyrocket your efficiency now!

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What is DashAI?

DashAI is a Chrome extension that offers a convenient way to access ChatGPT on any webpage. It enables users to engage with an AI chatbot, condense webpage information, perform AI commands, transcribe audio, and generate AI-based content within text boxes.



Pros VS Cons

DashAI provides instant access to ChatGPT, customizable API keys, and a one-time payment for unlimited use, among other features, making it an affordable and convenient web-based chatbot solution.
However, DashAI is limited to the Chrome browser, may struggle with complex queries, and raises potential privacy concerns due to local browser data storage.

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DashAI Use Cases

Use ChatGPT on every webpage with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Summarize any webpage you're on with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Highlight and execute AI commands with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Quickly record audio and transcribe it into text from any webpage with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Generate AI generated content on your favorite websites with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Interact with ChatGPT from every webpage with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Save and search your entire chat history within the DashAI Chrome Extension

Choose from a large library of over 100 prompts to interact with ChatGPT in creative ways with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Use shortcuts to open the extension and summarize webpages with the DashAI Chrome Extension

Try DashAI for free before purchasing a license

Purchase a one-time license for unlimited usage of DashAI

Buy the source code of DashAI for customization purposes

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