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Qustodio: The comprehensive parental control tool for keeping your children safe online. Set screen time limits, block inappropriate content, and monitor their location. Easy to use and compatible with all devices. Get peace of mind with Qustodio.

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What is Qustodio?

Qustodio is the ultimate solution for parents seeking to safeguard their children's online experiences. This comprehensive parental control tool empowers you to monitor and protect your family's digital well-being effectively. With Qustodio, you can effortlessly establish screen time restrictions, block inappropriate content and apps, track your children's location, and more. Regardless of your specific requirements, Qustodio has got you covered.

Setting up and utilizing Qustodio is a breeze, and it seamlessly integrates with all popular devices and networks. You'll have the ability to monitor your family's online activities in real-time and receive instant alerts whenever any suspicious behavior is detected. Rest assured, Qustodio grants you complete control and peace of mind, knowing that your children are safe while navigating the digital world. Additionally, Qustodio offers exceptional support and expert advice on digital parenting, ensuring that your family always receives the best guidance and assistance.


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Qustodio Use Cases

Balance screen time, filter content, and view activity reports in the way that suits your family.

Begin protecting and supervising your child within minutes.

Get Qustodio for every device, from smartphones and tablets to desktops, Chromebooks, and more.

Read product tips

Read parenting tips

Summaries, ratings, warnings and recommendations about the apps and games parents need to know about.

Qustodio gives me the peace of mind that I have been looking for to ensure my kids are safe

With Qustodio, I don't have to struggle to balance my daughter’s online independence with her safety.

We're a highly digital family but we really value screen-free time—Qustodio helps us get that balance.

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