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Detect, diagnose, and repair software issues with Raygun. Get full-stack visibility, pinpoint errors, and prioritize resolution. Easy setup and no manual restarts needed. Try now!

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What is Raygun?

Raygun is a highly efficient and user-friendly solution designed to track errors and report crashes automatically. It caters to businesses of all sizes and offers a quick and seamless way to identify, diagnose, and resolve software issues. By utilizing Raygun, users can ensure the smooth and efficient operation of their software. This platform enables users to precisely pinpoint the root cause of errors and crashes, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent on troubleshooting. Raygun provides comprehensive visibility across the entire software stack, enabling users to easily identify problems within their codebase, database, and third-party services. Moreover, Raygun's advanced error grouping feature allows users to swiftly identify similar issues and prioritize their resolution. Setting up and using Raygun is a breeze, as users only need to install the agent and configure their environment. There's no need to wait for manual restarts or deal with complex custom configurations, as Raygun handles it all seamlessly.


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Raygun Use Cases

Detect, diagnose, and resolve errors with ease

Monitor and improve front-end performance

Unrivalled visibility into server-side performance

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