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Enhance reading, writing, and critical thinking skills with ReadWriteThink. Interactive lessons, games, and activities for students of all ages. Perfect supplement to any curriculum. Start learning today!

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What is ReadWriteThink?

ReadWriteThink is a versatile educational resource that aims to enhance students' reading, writing, and critical thinking abilities. It offers a wide range of tools and activities, including guided lessons, interactive games, and puzzles. With a focus on grammar, composition, and critical thinking, ReadWriteThink complements any curriculum. Whether students need assistance with reading and writing practice or want to develop advanced thinking strategies, ReadWriteThink caters to all needs. It provides interactive lessons in a secure and encouraging setting, enabling students to explore language and composition. Additionally, it offers activities to foster critical thinking skills, making ReadWriteThink an ideal resource for nurturing confident and successful learners.


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ReadWriteThink Use Cases

ReadWriteThink is a website that offers a variety of resources for educators and students. It provides classroom resources such as lesson plans, printouts, and student interactives. Teachers can find materials for different grade levels, from kindergarten to high school. The website also offers collections of resources on topics like assessment, authors, booklists, media literacy, poetry, and primary sources. Additionally, ReadWriteThink provides professional development opportunities for teachers, including strategy guides and a professional library. The website is powered by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), a professional organization for English language arts educators. Users can also connect with ReadWriteThink on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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