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Create stunning 3D animations with Reallusion IClone. Customize characters, import assets, and render in real-time for cinematic-quality results. Bring your creative ideas to life with this powerful and intuitive software.

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What is Reallusion IClone?

IClone by Reallusion is a cutting-edge software designed for 3D animation and real-time rendering. It offers a wide range of features and tools that enable users to produce high-quality cinematic 3D animated projects. This robust program empowers users to customize characters, including their appearance and movements, and also allows for the import and animation of existing 3D assets. IClone not only facilitates the creation of complete 3D animated scenes with characters and sets, but it also renders them in real-time, resulting in visually stunning outcomes. Moreover, IClone boasts special effects like realistic cloth simulation, physically based rendering, and advanced skinning, enhancing the overall realism of the animations. With its user-friendly interface, this intuitive software enables users to bring their creative ideas to life effortlessly and efficiently. Whether you are an amateur enthusiast, a professional animator, or a filmmaker, IClone equips you with the necessary tools to craft captivating 3D animations.


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Reallusion IClone FQA

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Reallusion IClone Use Cases

Produce professional animations for films, previz, animation, video, and games

Blend facial performance, character animation, mocap production, scene design, and cinematic storytelling

3D crowd simulation and digital twins

Mocap Cleanup, Motion Editing, Accurate Interaction

Realistic Look-At, Dynamic Wrinkles, Progressive Texture Loading

Accessible, controllable, and editable wrinkle-blending system driven by facial expression morphs

Motion Director - React to Surface, Unreal Live Link 1.1 - Full-frame Data Link & Timecode Sync

Create quality character animation with smooth motion blend, interactive target reach, footstep system, and mocap data correction

Powerful facial tools with muscle level facial editing, facial puppeteering, multi-pass facial mocap, and accurate lip-sync animation

Smoothly pilot 3D characters with XBox or PS game controllers, mouse click waypoints, or AI control autonomous behaviors

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