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Refinery: The cloud-based data processing platform that simplifies data analysis. Extract, visualize, and transform data effortlessly with our powerful analytics tools. Ideal for businesses and individuals needing quick, secure, and effective data-driven decision making.

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What is refinery?

Kern.ai’s Refinery is a cloud-based data processing platform designed to streamline the cleaning, transforming, and integration of data sets. This powerful tool makes analyzing complex data easier than ever before. With Refinery, users can effortlessly extract, visualize, and transform data into meaningful insights. The platform's intuitive interface and automated features make it accessible to individuals with limited data experience. Additionally, Refinery offers robust analytics tools that enable users to uncover trends and patterns that may otherwise be difficult to detect. Whether for businesses or individuals, Refinery is the perfect solution for efficiently analyzing large amounts of data. Its speed, user-friendliness, and security make it the ideal choice for data-driven decision making.



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refinery Use Cases

Streamline complex insurance tasks for faster, efficient customer service with the Insurance Policies Assistant.

Find policies and procedures in your handbook with ease! The Internal Handbook Assistant delivers fast and accurate answers.

Boost customer service with our AI: 70% faster responses, real-time product matching, and personalized care. Transform how you address concerns with the Customer Services Assistant.

Optimize tariff strategy with automated comparison insights for competitive advantage using Tariff comparison.

Uncover critical insights and enhance risk management with Portfolio Analytics, your tool for informed insurance underwriting decisions.

Enhance investment strategies with automated financial portfolio analysis using the Financial Portfolio Analyzer.

Integrate your LLM apps to your website, app, or any other platform using our API.

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