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Transform any online content into engaging student resources with Roshi AI - generate summaries, vocabulary lists, questions, and activities instantly!

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What is Roshi AI?

Discover an efficient way to enhance your website's SEO by providing valuable content that answers the question "What is". With our innovative tool, you can choose any Youtube video or article available online and effortlessly generate concise summaries, comprehensive vocabulary lists, thought-provoking questions, and engaging activities tailored specifically for your students.



Pros VS Cons

Roshi AI simplifies online content creation and provides a user-friendly interface, saving time for teachers and offering detailed lessons, while being used by reputable institutions nationwide and offering a free sign up option.
However, Roshi AI has limitations such as the lack of a mobile application, offline functionality, multi-user collaboration, support for different learning styles, adaptive learning, audio content, question variety, and third-party content integration, as well as being limited to news articles.

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Roshi AI Use Cases

Create learning material from anything online.


Pick any news article from the web (or your own text!) to use for a lesson

Turn it into a lesson with a single click

Automatically simplify the text to make sure it's just the right level.

Create questions based on exactly what you're teaching

Analyze your lesson content in detail

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