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Save time and effort with SchoolAI - the ultimate AI-powered solution for teachers and school administrators. Streamline email writing, planning, reporting, and more in just a few clicks.

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What is SchoolAI?

SchoolAI is a specialized AI writing tool exclusively tailored to meet the needs of educational institutions. Its primary objective is to enhance efficiency and save valuable time by automating several tasks, including email composition, grading, quiz generation, lesson organization, and brainstorming.


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Pros VS Cons

SchoolAI streamlines writing tasks, provides quick content generation, automated spell and grammar checking, comprehensive support features, and offers a user-friendly interface with multiple writing domains, SEC resources, and custom content tailoring, saving users time and effort.
SchoolAI lacks an offline mode, multi-language support, voice-to-text feature, collaboration tools, document storage management, template options, and integration with school systems, and the free version is limited in functionality.

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SchoolAI FQA

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SchoolAI Use Cases

SchoolAI is a custom AI platform built specifically for schools. It can save hours of writing by providing powerful AI assistance.

SchoolAI offers various modes to help with different tasks, such as personalizing results, drafting emails/letters, marking assignments, creating lesson plans, generating learning resources, creating quizzes, brainstorming ideas, and more.

The Personalisation dashboard allows users to store their information, including name, institution details, term dates, and language preferences, to personalize their results.

The Email/Letter mode enables users to quickly produce drafts by choosing the audience, providing details in the Description box, and selecting the Tone and Length.

The Mark and Grade mode allows AI to mark assignments, essays, and homework by simply pasting the text and providing additional details like the target year group, subject, and assignment title.

The Lesson Plan mode facilitates the quick creation of lesson plans by entering a few details and selecting the lesson length. Users can also create resources related to the lesson plan.

The Resource from lesson plan option allows users to generate learning resources, such as handouts, based on the details provided in the lesson plan.

The Quiz mode enables users to create quizzes for any occasion by entering a Description, target Year group, Subject, and Length.

The Brainstorm mode helps users generate ideas for various purposes, such as special events, assemblies, or end-of-year plays, by entering a description or keywords and choosing the desired length of results.

The Time Saved counter keeps track of the time saved by using SchoolAI across all documents.

For support, users can contact the SchoolAI team, report issues, or make feature requests.

The website also provides legal information, including the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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