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Discover SaveDay Bot, the revolutionary AI quick capture bot on Telegram. Save multimedia, search with your thoughts, and get key notes from articles and YouTube videos. No registration required. Free forever!

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What is SaveDay?

SaveDay is a versatile Telegram bookmarking bot designed to assist users in saving and organizing various types of content such as web pages, articles, PDFs, YouTube videos, and podcasts. By utilizing advanced AI-powered search features, SaveDay enables users to effortlessly retrieve their saved items and even enjoy summaries of articles and YouTube videos. With its seamless organization and productivity-enhancing features, SaveDay proves to be a valuable tool for optimizing efficiency.


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Pros VS Cons

SaveDay is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that saves various content types, generates summaries, interacts conversationally with PDF files, and supports multi-device access, making it convenient and secure for users to save and share information.
However, SaveDay is limited to Telegram users, lacks offline access, does not support every language, and has potential keyword search limitations, making it less accessible and customizable for some users.

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SaveDay FQA

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SaveDay Use Cases

Save whatever you encounter

Search by how you think

Summarize lengthy content instantly


Manage all bookmarks

Share your highlights

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