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Experience lifelike conversations with the departed using Seance AI - an innovative AI-powered tool that faithfully recreates your loved one's speaking style and personality.

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What is Seance AI?

Seance AI is a cutting-edge application that merges artificial intelligence (AI) technology with immersive storytelling to deliver an enthralling and interactive encounter centered on seances and the supernatural. This innovative app presents users with a one-of-a-kind chance to immerse themselves in a simulated virtual environment, where they can actively engage in fictionalized seances, communicate with fictitious spirits, and delve into the enigmas of the spirit world.


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Seance AI Use Cases

Create and Share a Seance with a loved one using AI.

Give us some information about the person you're trying to make the connection.

Let's get to know better the person you're trying to make the connection with.

Add your relationship and other people that are important to the person you're trying to make the connection with.

Give us some example of how the person writes. This will help us to recreate the writing more realistic.

Tell us about what you want to talk about with the person you're trying to make the connection with.

Finally, you will be able to establish the connection and start your transcendent conversation.

Seance AI Early Access is completely free.

Perform Seances with past loved ones

Access conversations later

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