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Discover the power of SearchUnify, the leading unified cognitive platform. Fuel your customer self-service and support strategy with AI-powered products.

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What is SearchUnify?

SearchUnify is a comprehensive cognitive platform designed to optimize enterprise search, provide valuable insights, and offer AI-powered applications to enhance customer support and self-service. It boasts a range of features including search analytics, intelligent search, and enterprise search capabilities, all aimed at improving customer support experiences. SearchUnify seamlessly integrates with multiple applications and offers connectors for popular platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Dynamics 365, Khoros, SharePoint, and more. By leveraging its advanced cognitive search technology, SearchUnify enhances information findability, facilitates proactive decision-making, and delivers top-notch applications for customer support professionals and knowledge workers.



Pros VS Cons

SearchUnify offers a comprehensive range of features and solutions to enhance customer support, improve self-service capabilities, and boost operational efficiency, with a wide use case coverage and support for multiple industries.
However, it lacks certain integration options such as voice chat and CRM, and may have potential complexity due to its wide range of functionalities, while also lacking explicit pricing structure and scalability information.

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SearchUnify FQA

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SearchUnify Use Cases

Boost customer support efficiency with SearchUnify's unified cognitive platform and applications

Improve self-service success with SearchUnify's cognitive search technology

Enhance community engagement with SearchUnify's Community Helper application

Drive proactive support workflows with SearchUnify's Agent Helper application

Maximize customer service ROI with SearchUnify's unified cognitive platform

Improve knowledge consumption and reduce customer time to value with SearchUnify's Knowledge Management solution

Amplify eLearning with innovation using SearchUnify's solutions

Improve support documentation and support turnarounds with SearchUnify's Knowbler application

Streamline service delivery with SearchUnify's Escalation Predictor application

Deliver personalized and proactive customer service experiences with SearchUnify's suite of support applications

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