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Streamline and optimize business operations with Sensifai, an AI-powered visual recognition platform. Easily search, categorize, and organize media assets, while saving time and money. Enhance accuracy and precision with our custom visual analysis models. Try Sensifai today!

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What is Sensifai?

Sensifai is an AI-powered visual recognition platform designed to enhance business operations. Through the utilization of computer vision and deep learning, our technology can effectively identify and categorize objects in images and videos. This enables users to extract vital information quickly and accurately. By utilizing Sensifai, media assets can be easily organized and managed through efficient search, categorization, and sorting capabilities. Moreover, our platform offers the flexibility to create customized visual analysis models for various applications, including sentiment analysis and object detection. With Sensifai, businesses can save valuable time and resources while ensuring the precision and reliability of their data. Our AI-powered solutions simplify the process of identifying, classifying, and extracting crucial information from media assets, ultimately streamlining and optimizing business operations.


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Sensifai Use Cases

On-Device Video Recognition, Segmentation and Enhancement

Most Accurate Video, Audio and Image Recognition

Video AI on AWS

Live Video AI Demo

On-device Video Recognition App


Media Management

Safety and Security

Assistive Robots

Video Segmentation

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