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Shiftboard: The ultimate scheduling and workforce management platform. Save time and resources with automated scheduling, mobile access, and intuitive interface. Increase productivity and improve customer service with powerful features and extensive reporting capabilities. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

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What is Shiftboard?

Shiftboard is a comprehensive online scheduling and workforce management platform designed to simplify and optimize scheduling processes. By leveraging Shiftboard, businesses can streamline their scheduling operations, resulting in significant time and resource savings. This platform offers a wide range of features, including employee availability tracking, automated scheduling, and mobile accessibility. Additionally, Shiftboard facilitates shift reminders, trade management, and vacation request handling for employers. Its user-friendly interface allows for seamless shift setup and easy access to upcoming schedules. With Shiftboard, businesses can efficiently create and manage employee schedules, leading to enhanced productivity, cost savings, and improved customer service. This platform also empowers employers to effortlessly create, manage, and monitor employee schedules, thanks to its robust reporting capabilities. Whether a business is small or large, Shiftboard serves as the ideal scheduling solution, enabling time and resource optimization while boosting employee satisfaction.


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Shiftboard FQA

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Shiftboard Use Cases

Employee scheduling for mission-critical industries

Flexible workforce. Maximum coverage. Happier employees.

Attract and retain employees

Optimize workforce capacity

Turbocharge scheduling efficiency

Manufacturing: strategic employee scheduling initiative to leverage employees' preferences while increasing productivity and retention numbers

Energy: saved almost $3M in costs and is a proven solution for API RP 755 compliance

Healthcare: saved company thousands in overtime

Corrections: Shiftboard's support services team is very responsive and high priority items are dealt with almost instantly

86% higher worker satisfaction

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