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Unlock the power of AI on edge devices with Intel Nervana. Develop, debug, and deploy sophisticated AI applications quickly and easily with our comprehensive Neural Compute SDK. High-performance, low-power consumption for efficient and reliable processing.

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What is Intel Nervana?

The Intel Movidius Neural Compute SDK is a user-friendly software development kit designed to enhance search engine optimization (SEO). This powerful SDK empowers developers to effortlessly create advanced artificial intelligence applications for edge devices. It is specifically designed for individuals seeking to develop AI-powered applications that can operate on small, energy-efficient devices like drones, robots, wearables, and embedded devices. By utilizing the Intel Movidius Neural Compute SDK, developers can rapidly and easily develop, debug, and deploy AI applications. This comprehensive SDK provides a toolkit, libraries, and samples that simplify the development of AI applications. Moreover, it supports popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, and ONNX. With the Intel Movidius Neural Compute SDK, developers can construct high-performance applications with minimal power consumption, resulting in efficient and dependable AI processing.


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Intel Nervana Use Cases

Intel Nervana is a processor

Intel Nervana is used in AI software solutions

Intel Nervana is used in data center optimization solutions

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