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Organize your thoughts and ideas effortlessly with Simplenote, the intuitive note-taking app. Sync notes across devices and find what you need with powerful search capabilities. Stay organized and secure with Simplenote.

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What is Simplenote?

Simplenote is a user-friendly note-taking app that efficiently manages your thoughts, concepts, and projects. Its user-friendly interface enables you to swiftly jot down notes, securely store them, and access them from any device. Whether you are a student, professional, or creative individual, Simplenote aids in maintaining organization and staying on track. By consolidating all your notes in one place, Simplenote maximizes the potential of your ideas. Adding, editing, and deleting notes is a breeze, with instant synchronization across all your devices. Additionally, Simplenote offers robust search capabilities for effortless retrieval of specific information. With its minimalist design, Simplenote promotes a clutter-free and distraction-free environment, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters. Moreover, Simplenote prioritizes security, ensuring the utmost protection of your data.


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Simplenote FQA

  • How can I sync my notes across devices?icon plus
  • Can I add tags to my notes?icon plus
  • Can I collaborate with others on my notes?icon plus
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Simplenote Use Cases

Sync notes across all devices

Organize notes with tags

Collaborate and share notes

Access previous versions of notes

Write and publish notes in Markdown format

Free to use

Available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and browser

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