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Discover new music, connect with fellow music lovers, and enjoy personalized radio stations with Sounder – the ultimate music streaming service.

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What is Sounder?

Sounder is a cutting-edge music streaming service that combines the convenience of digital streaming with the immersive experience of a traditional radio station. It offers a vast collection of songs, podcasts, and other audio content, along with the ability to create personalized radio stations. Sounder allows you to explore a wide range of music and sounds from all over the globe, carefully curated to match your preferences and interests. Additionally, you can connect with fellow music enthusiasts, share and discuss your current listening choices, and engage in conversations about the latest music trends. Whether you enjoy music casually, have a deep passion for audio quality, or consider yourself a devoted music aficionado, Sounder caters to every individual. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and extensive content library, Sounder stands as the ultimate destination for music streaming.


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Sounder Use Cases

Deliver campaigns to safe, suitable, and contextually relevant inventory.

Avoid highly objectionable content that can damage brand reputation.

Access more inventory and drive meaningful campaign results.

Effectively monetize more of your catalog.

Ensure brand safety and suitability for every campaign delivered.

Empower sales and operations through deeper understanding of content.

Drive higher yield for content verified by a trusted third party.

Integrate seamlessly through Sounder’s API.

Increase value for clients with unmatched data transparency.

Optimize your audio advertising with unprecedented data accuracy, quality, and transparency.

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