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Record crystal-clear remote interviews with Zencastr. Capture up to 8 remote tracks and 1 local track simultaneously. Enhance audio quality with integrated processing. Collaborate, monetize, and promote your podcast effortlessly. Start creating stunning recordings with Zencastr.

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What is Zencastr?

Zencastr is the ultimate solution for podcasting. It provides a robust platform that simplifies the process of recording remote interviews with exceptional audio quality. With Zencastr, you have the capability to record up to 8 remote tracks and one local track simultaneously. Additionally, the platform offers integrated audio processing, enabling you to enhance your recordings with reverb, compression, and EQ for superior sound. Collaborating and sharing projects with other users is effortless, facilitating seamless teamwork and the creation of exceptional podcasts. Moreover, Zencastr encompasses a variety of features to assist you in managing, monetizing, and promoting your podcast, including automated transcription and analytics. Whether you are a professional podcaster or an enthusiast, Zencastr is the ideal choice for producing remarkable podcast recordings.


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Zencastr Use Cases

Record high quality podcasts with Zencastr

Edit and distribute your podcast with Zencastr

Monetize your podcast with Zencastr

Use Zencastr's Studio Quality Recording feature

Benefit from Zencastr's reliability and stability

Enhance your podcast with Zencastr's Live Soundboard

Improve the sound quality of your podcast with Zencastr

Remove unnecessary filler words and dead air with Zencastr's smart filters

Use Zencastr's AI video layouts for a perfect video podcast

Distribute your podcast without any upload or download limits with Zencastr

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