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Effortlessly monitor, manage incidents, and launch your branded status page with Spectate. Get alerts via phone, SMS, Slack, and more. Supercharged by AI.

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What is Spectate?

What is Effortless Monitoring, Alerting, and Incident Management Supercharged by AI?"

Effortless monitoring, alerting, and incident management are seamlessly enhanced by the power of AI. Stay informed with real-time alerts delivered through phone calls, SMS, Slack, email, and various other channels. Our Incident AI assistant streamlines incident management, enabling you to handle them more efficiently. Additionally, you can swiftly create your own customized and branded status page within seconds. Experience a rocket-like boost in your operations!



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Spectate Use Cases

Monitoring and incident management without the complexity.

Spectate is a simple yet powerful monitoring and incident management platform with AI-powered status updates and incident resolutions.

We're spectating companies of all sizes.

Your final monitoring and incident management solution

Tons of possibilities yet still set up in minutes. We help you make cloud monitoring and incident management easy and efficient.

30-seconds checks

Get notified of downtime twice as fast as with traditional monitoring.

Countless integrations

Receive notifications on Slack, Pushover or even offline via SMS or voice calls.

Incident A.I.

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