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Streamline team collaboration effortlessly with Spike's unified platform. Chat, email, meetings, and collaborative documents all in one space, powered by AI.

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What is Spike?

Spike is an innovative platform that revolutionizes team collaboration by seamlessly integrating various communication channels. This all-in-one solution merges chat, emails, meetings, and collaborative documents into a single space, enhanced by the power of AI. With Spike, teams can effortlessly streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.



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Spike Use Cases

Spike is a unified communication platform that brings together team chats, emails, notes, and meetings into one space. With Spike, teams can streamline their communication and achieve peak productivity.

One of Spike's key features is Magic AI, an AI assistant that helps users write better emails, replies, brainstorming, and notes. Spike also offers channels for public team conversations, groups for private conversations, conversational email, and video meetings.

Spike is suitable for various industries, including professional services, creative agencies, technology-driven companies, and IT support. It offers solutions for marketing, sales, HR, and operations teams.

Individuals can also benefit from Spike's email app, which enhances the email experience and improves productivity.

Spike provides a range of features to enhance team communication, such as collaborative docs, super search for efficient searching, priority inbox for organizing important messages, and file management for advanced file preview.

By using Spike, teams can overcome communication chaos and experience improved workplace productivity. Studies have shown that businesses that adopt a unified communications experience see a 52% increase in productivity and a 25% increase in operating profit.

Spike has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its usefulness, productivity, and user support. Users have also praised Spike for improving workflow, reducing email overload, and centralizing team communication.

With Spike, teams can control their data, leverage the power of AI, and reduce the number of apps and costs. Spike offers dedicated spaces for team chats, conversational email, built-in video meetings, collaborative docs, and advanced search functionalities.

Spike offers customizable email domains, allowing users to connect their own domain or get one from Spike. This ensures that communication stays on brand.

Overall, Spike is a comprehensive communication solution that helps teams of all sizes improve their collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

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