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Squoosh: Powerful image compression tool for web optimization. Customize compression, adjust quality, and enhance images with filters. Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF. Boost website performance with smaller, high-quality images.

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What is Squoosh?

Squoosh is an image compression tool that specializes in reducing image size while maintaining high quality. It offers a range of powerful features and benefits that make image optimization quick and efficient. With Squoosh, you have the flexibility to customize compression levels, adjust image quality, and set your desired output size. Additionally, you can enhance the appearance of your images by applying various filters. Squoosh supports popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF, and is compatible with all operating systems. This tool is particularly useful for web developers, graphic designers, photographers, and anyone looking to optimize images for the web. By reducing image size without compromising quality, Squoosh simplifies the process of uploading and sharing files online. Furthermore, it contributes to improved website performance by reducing page loading times.


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Squoosh FQA

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Squoosh Use Cases

Reduce image file size for faster load times

Compare different compression settings for image optimization

Secure image compression that keeps your files on your device

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