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Summate: Unleash the power of AI to summarize web articles effortlessly. Extracted using Full-Text RSS and summarized by OpenAI. Get concise insights now!

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What is Summate?

Summate.it is a web application that provides a fast and efficient method of summarizing web articles by utilizing the power of OpenAI.



Pros VS Cons

Summate offers a free service with on-demand summaries, full-text article extraction, email updates, and APIs for developers, encouraging user experimentation and able to handle large texts, and is a part of FiveFilters.org.
The limitations of Summate include limited text submission, potentially partial summarization, no automated use, RSS-based extraction, no offline working, limited developer integration, dependency on article structure and Full-Text RSS, and no guarantee of update frequency.

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Summate Use Cases

Quickly summarize web articles with OpenAI.

Meditation In An Age Of Cataclysms

Here's why China's population dropped for the first time in decades

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