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Get concise scientific article summaries in minutes! SciSummary: the must-have tool for busy scientists, students, and enthusiasts. Email text, links, or PDFs and receive summaries in your inbox.

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What is SciSummary?

SciSummary is a cutting-edge AI platform designed to provide concise summaries and comprehension of scientific articles and research papers. By harnessing advanced AI technology, it enables scientists, students, and enthusiasts to effortlessly stay informed about the latest scientific advancements, eliminating the need to invest extensive time in reading lengthy and intricate articles.



Pros VS Cons

SciSummary is a time-saving tool that digests scientific articles, delivers quick summarizations, and assists scientists, students, and science enthusiasts in easily understanding complex articles, all while offering a free public beta and accessible customer service.
However, it lacks offline access, a direct web interface, multi-language support, a mobile application, and only provides text summaries, while also relying on user ratings and experiencing reliability issues in its public beta.

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SciSummary FQA

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SciSummary Use Cases

Summarize scientific articles in seconds using AI technology

Get 5x research done without constantly disrupting your work

Send a document, get a summary in minutes

Used by researchers, students, and faculty at major universities

Powered by Bleeding Edge Artificial Intelligence

Pricing options available for different word limits

Pay as you go for one-off documents or bulk summarizations

Founded in 2023 to make digestion of scientific articles easier

Contact information: Email: contact@scisummary.com, Phone: (614) 859-9737

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