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Transform your customer service with Suportal, an AI-powered tool that automates support on your website. Save time and resources while providing personalized responses. Try Suportal today!

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What is Suportal?

Suportal is an AI-powered customer service tool that revolutionizes automated customer support on websites. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT, Suportal's chatbot effortlessly addresses user inquiries without human intervention. This groundbreaking feature saves businesses countless hours of customer support time daily. The beauty of Suportal lies in its ability to swiftly understand and adapt to any business's products and services. Through comprehensive crawling and scanning of every link on a website, Suportal learns about the business effortlessly, eliminating the need for time-consuming chatbot training. The user-friendly interface of Suportal ensures a seamless experience, allowing businesses to customize the chatbot's appearance to seamlessly blend with their website's theme. Moreover, Suportal's AI-powered technology is capable of detecting user emotions, enabling it to provide personalized responses that resonate with customers. With Suportal, businesses can elevate their customer service to unprecedented heights, delivering a more efficient and effective support system to their valued clientele.



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Suportal FQA

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Suportal Use Cases

Train custom AI ChatBots from your Notion Docs

Automate answering user's questions on your website

Connect your Notion account and select the pages to train from

Add a link to your documentation and guides on your website

Suportal learns everything about your product in seconds

Instantly answer questions with a personalized chatbot

Embed the Suportal widget in the corner of your website

Save hours of your customer support's time

Create your own chatbot in minutes

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