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Boost your productivity with Talers, the next-gen collaborative writing app. Intuitive, AI-powered, and perfect for writers, editors, students, and note-takers.

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What is Talers?

Talers is a sophisticated and contemporary writing application designed to enhance the writing experience for authors working on books, novels, scripts, and articles. With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of tools, Talers fosters creativity and organization, making it the ideal platform for all types of writing projects.



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Talers Use Cases

Discover a pleasant, modern writing environment to put your ideas down and make them grow, suitable for all writing projects.

Unleash your creativity with Talers by creating as many text files as necessary and sorting them inside customizable folders.

Talers detects spellings, grammar, and style mistakes and suggests alternatives, helping you find the right word with the embedded thesaurus.

Stay connected and keep your projects synchronized between your computer, tablet, and mobile. Collaborate with friends and get instant feedback from readers.

Publish your writing confidently with Talers by exporting it with your preferred extension and showing it to the world.

Choose the plan that suits you, either the Free plan or the Pro plan with advanced features like advanced correction, rephrasing sentences, translating documents, and generating content.

Stay informed about Talers by subscribing to the newsletter and receiving special offers and updates on the latest developments.

Get help, report bugs, or contact Talers for commercial inquiries through the provided contact options.

Compare Talers with other writing tools like Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener to see its advantages.

Learn the first steps on Talers by reading the welcome blog post.

Read the privacy policy and terms and conditions to understand Talers' policies and guidelines.

Coming soon: Exciting new features and updates from Talers in the future.

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