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Discover what was said in podcasts with Tapesearch – the powerful search engine that uses AI-generated transcripts and cutting-edge search technology. Find the answers you seek in spoken words.

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What is Tapesearch?

Tapesearch is an AI-powered search engine designed to facilitate quick and efficient searches within podcast transcripts. This innovative tool enables users to easily locate specific information within podcast episodes.



Pros VS Cons

Tapesearch offers a comprehensive search platform for podcast transcriptions with various sorting and filtering options, customizable date range filtering, user feedback integration, and the ability to download transcripts.
Tapesearch lacks a mobile app, has limited search parameters, lacks manual verification of transcripts, lacks an integrated player, and has no language filter or accessibility options, while advanced features require a Pro upgrade and transcript downloading is limited to the Pro version.

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Tapesearch Use Cases

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Searching 773,658 AI generated transcriptions from 2,391 podcasts

Coming soon: Q&A search powered by GPT

Search for text in: Title, Summary, Transcript

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Duration: From, to, minutes

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