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Unlock the power of online videos and recordings with Alphy. Our AI technology transcribes, summarizes, and prepares content for questioning. Try it now!

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What is Alphy?

Alphy is an AI-powered platform designed to provide transcription, summarization, and question-answering services for both online and local audio content, such as YouTube videos. Its advanced technology enables users to swiftly and effectively extract valuable information from audio and audiovisual media.



Pros VS Cons

Alphy is a free service that transcribes and summarizes audio-based content, provides semantic search, offers detailed and concise summaries, allows user-interaction, and provides prompt customer service on social media.
However, it is limited to English language, has lengthy transcription time, is only compatible with YouTube and Twitter, and has a three-hour content limit.

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Alphy FQA

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Alphy Use Cases

Unlock the information in audiovisual content with Alphy.

Process an online conversation, upload an audio file, or create a chatbot on Alphy's database.

Learn from the best online sources with Alphy's Arcs.

An AI assistant ready to help you search through and ask questions to more than 750 hours of content from the Lex Fridman podcast.

Ready to answer your questions about investing and life based on the podcast episodes of We Study Billionaires.

AI-assisted search engine trained on entire CrashCourse video library.

Search and ask questions to Veritasium. Link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/@veritasium

Navigate the world of trading through this AI-powered search Arc focused solely on CryptoCred's YouTube series. From market psychology to chart patterns, every facet of trading is broken down and made interactive for users. Follow Cred on Twitter:(@CryptoCred)

Learn about startups and building a company by asking questions to Y Combinator Podcast!

Discover our database.

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