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Discover Toma, the cutting-edge diet tool trusted by patients and nutritionists. Easily track symptoms, identify trigger foods, and skip elimination diets. Try our AI-powered meal tracking now!

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What is Toma?

Toma is an AI assistant specifically created to manage and handle customer and sales calls for businesses, offering innovative solutions.



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Toma FQA

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Toma Use Cases

Automate all your business phone calls with AI.

Toma takes and makes your customer calls, sells your service, and answers questions 24/7. It also integrates with your existing apps and workflows.

Easy set up

In just a few clicks, Toma becomes an expert on your business 10x faster than you can hire and train someone.

No more missed calls

Toma answers phone calls 24/7, and it can take multiple calls at the same time without breaking a sweat.

Stay in control

Fallback calls to a human, forward calls to other lines, set up custom routing rules, or just turn Toma off on-demand.

Integrate with your apps

Toma plugs into and leverages a multitude of apps like Hubspot, Google Calendar, Salesforce, and Resy.

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