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VEED: The ultimate video editing tool with AI features. Add subtitles, remove noise, and apply filters. Trim, merge, and resize videos effortlessly. Perfect for marketing, training, and social media content. Download from TikTok and Instagram. Create GIFs and edit audio. Try now!

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What is VEED?

Veed.io is a comprehensive video editing and generation tool that caters to a wide range of needs. With its video editor, screen recorder, webcam recorder, and AI tools, Veed.io provides an extensive set of features.

The video editor component of Veed.io allows users to enhance their videos by adding subtitles, eliminating background noise, and applying captivating video effects like filters and music visualizers. Additionally, users can easily trim, merge, crop, resize, and rotate their videos using the editing tools provided.

Veed.io's AI tools are particularly impressive, offering features such as AI avatars, eye contact correction, background removal, video compression, and video conversion. These advanced capabilities enable users to create professional-looking videos with ease.

Furthermore, Veed.io supports the downloading of videos from popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram, making it convenient for users to access and edit content from these sources. Additionally, Veed.io allows for audio editing and GIF creation, adding further versatility to its functionality.

The versatility of Veed.io makes it an ideal choice for various use cases. Whether you need to add subtitles and translations to your videos, create engaging marketing and social media content, produce informative training and educational videos, or record meetings and sales presentations, Veed.io has you covered. It even provides templates for intro and outro makers, mockup generators, and promo video creators, making the process even more streamlined and efficient.



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VEED Use Cases

Translate Videos into 100+ Languages with AI Voice Translations

Create videos with a single click. Add subtitles, remove background noise and more

Screen & webcam recordings that are easy to edit and share online

Automatically add subtitles to your videos. Super-fast, accurate transcriptions in seconds

Record better sales videos. Close more deals

Automatically add subtitles to your video

Reach global audiences with AI powered translations

Create captivating videos. Grow audience, engagement and brand

Create professional training videos quickly and easily

Communicate better with video. Async meetings, archiving, and more

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