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Unlock valuable insights effortlessly with Visus.ai. Train an AI on your documents and knowledge base for personalized results in no time. Discover the power of understanding language and harnessing your data.

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What is Visus.ai?

Visus is a platform that enables users to generate their own ChatGPT AI, customized with their unique documents and knowledge base. This AI comprehends natural language and delivers prompt, precise answers to inquiries related to the provided documents.



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Visus.ai Use Cases

Visus is a platform that allows users to easily access and search through their documents, saving time and frustration.

With Visus, users can ask questions in natural language and receive instant and accurate answers.

Visus can store and analyze a large number of documents, providing limitless knowledge to users.

The answers provided by Visus are based entirely on the user's training material, ensuring verified and reliable information.

Visus supports conversational interactions, allowing users to ask follow-up questions and gain inspiration.

Users can customize their AI and configure it according to their specific needs and requirements.

Visus ensures the security of user data with industry-standard AES 256 encryption.

Training Visus is a quick and effortless process, allowing users to upload and organize their documents for easy access.

Visus can be integrated with various applications such as Google Drive, Confluence, Notion, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and Chrome Extension.

Users can create their own ChatGPT AI using Visus and revolutionize their work processes.

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