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Supertranslate: Instantly add accurate English subtitles to videos in 100+ languages. Powered by OpenAI's Whisper, the world's most accurate speech-to-text system.

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What is Supertranslate?

Supertranslate is a platform that provides an automated solution for adding subtitles to videos. Leveraging the advanced OpenAI-Whisper speech-to-text engine, Supertranslate ensures the creation of precise and top-notch English subtitles for videos in multiple languages.


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Pros VS Cons

Supertranslate supports any language, generates accurate English subtitles, offers a straightforward process with a subtitle editor, adjustable timecodes, fast generation, and is free to use without payment or cancellation restrictions.
The product only provides English subtitles, lacks an API, direct YouTube upload support, multi-user collaboration, real-time captioning, and transcription options.

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Supertranslate FQA

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Supertranslate Use Cases

The fastest way to add English subtitles to any language video

Upload Video

Generate Subtitles

Download .srt/.vtt

A subtitle editor that is fluid!

Intuitively split, merge, and adjust timecodes of the generated subtitles.

Want to experience the fastest way to subtitle your videos?

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Upload video of any language and get English subtitles automatically. We use OpenAI-Whisper for best-in-class quality for subtitle generation.

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