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Wallu: The AI-powered Discord bot that automates FAQs and enhances support. No @tag needed - fully automatic and searches server history for instant answers.

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What is Wallu?

Wallu is a highly efficient Discord chatbot that leverages the power of ChatGPT to streamline customer support and address common queries. Its advanced language models enable it to comprehensively comprehend user inquiries and continuously enhance its responses through user feedback. Wallu boasts a user-friendly admin panel, empowering you to effortlessly manage frequently asked questions, upload relevant documents for the bot to reference, and personalize various settings. With support for more than 50 languages and the ability to provide multilingual assistance, Wallu is the ideal addition to your Discord server, automating repetitive queries and delivering instant support.



Pros VS Cons

Wallu is an easy-to-set-up and free addition to Discord that offers a user-friendly admin panel, supports over 50 languages, provides server and member stats, and automates question answering.
However, Wallu has varying performance across languages, requires user feedback for learning, lacks API and mobile application support, raises privacy concerns with server messages, and has limited statistical overview and no offline functionality or on-premise deployment.

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Wallu FQA

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Wallu Use Cases

Use Wallu to automate support and FAQs on your Discord server

Add Wallu to your server for free

Wallu uses modern language models to understand and answer questions

Teach Wallu by using reactions

Manage Wallu through an easy-to-use admin panel

Wallu is multilingual and knows over 50 languages

Wallu has helped 2,223 servers and 1,282,148 members

Wallu has answered 60,517 FAQs and knows 8,264+ FAQs

Get started with Wallu by adding the bot to your server

Read more about Wallu's features and capabilities

Contact support for assistance

View the terms and privacy policy of Wallu Bot

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