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Get instant answers to your WordPress questions with ChatWP, an AI chatbot trained on official WordPress documentation. Find tutorials, code references, and more.

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What is ChatWP?

ChatWP is an AI chatbot specifically designed to offer precise and immediate responses to inquiries related to WordPress. Its extensive training on the complete official WordPress documentation guarantees the delivery of dependable and accurate information.


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Pros VS Cons

ChatWP is a powerful and free-to-use tool that is trained on official WordPress documentation, supports custom chatbot creation, and enhances staff efficiency through its indexing and documentation functionalities, among other features.
However, it is limited to WordPress, doesn't support multiple languages, lacks offline use and API documentation, and has the potential for inaccurate information, making it less suitable for non-WordPress users or those in need of multilingual support.

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ChatWP Use Cases

ChatWP is an AI chatbot that provides direct answers to WordPress questions.

ChatWP can answer questions about WordPress based on the official WordPress documentation.

ChatWP can provide answers with code examples, as a list, in Spanish, or with a poem.

ChatWP is not able to answer questions about specific plugins or themes.

DocsBot AI allows users to train and deploy custom chatbots.

DocsBot AI can create question/answer bots that provide detailed and direct answers about a product, including code examples and formatted output.

DocsBot AI offers embeddable widgets that can be easily added to a website.

DocsBot AI can assist with custom copywriting, helping to generate high-quality content.

DocsBot AI can be trained to reply to support tickets automatically, saving time and money.

DocsBot AI can index internal knowledge bases and documentation, allowing employees to find answers instantly.

DocsBot AI provides a powerful API for integrating AI chat into other products.

ChatWP is built by Aaron Edwards, founder of DocsBot AI, Imajinn AI, Infinite Uploads, and Web3 WP.

ChatWP is an UglyRobot experiment.

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