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Transform your favorite song lyrics into personalized artwork with Wash Your Lyrics. Express your love of music and add a unique touch to your space. Customize designs and colors to create beautiful, lasting artwork.

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What is Wash Your Lyrics?

Wash Your Lyrics is an innovative online service that transforms your beloved song lyrics into one-of-a-kind and personalized artwork. This exceptional platform allows you to showcase your passion for music while adding a distinctive and individualized touch to your living or working environment. With Wash Your Lyrics, you have the freedom to select from a diverse range of designs and colors, enabling you to fully customize the artwork and truly make it your own. Moreover, the artwork is meticulously printed on premium-quality paper, guaranteeing its longevity and durability. Whether you intend to surprise a special someone with a heartfelt gift or simply enhance your personal space, Wash Your Lyrics simplifies the process of creating exquisite and meaningful artwork that pays homage to your favorite songs.



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Wash Your Lyrics FQA

  • How can I generate a poster with Wash Your Lyrics?icon plus
  • What are the options for the Content Type?icon plus
  • What are the options for the Poster Type?icon plus
  • Why is the light skin tone auto-selected?icon plus
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Wash Your Lyrics Use Cases

Generate hand washing infographics based on anything you want 🎶

All you need is some imagination. Type it in below and press **Generate** to instantly generate your poster

Content on each line will be put under each graphic in order. Minimum of 13 rows required

Why is the light skin tone auto-selected?

When an already existing poster exists in the database, we return the image that's already been generated. This makes sure requests are fast and that we use as little storage and compute as possible.

On April 12, 2020, we added the ability to let users choose a skin tone for the generated poster. Before this, all generated posters had a light skin tone—the default skin tone on the NHS graphic that we base all our posters from.

This means that most of the generated posters use the light skin tone. In order to save storage space, we default to this skin tone so users that don't select a different skin tone hit the pre-existing database of over half a million posters

You need at least 13 more lines to be able to generate this poster.

By pressing "Generate" you agree to our [Privacy Policy](/privacy).

Made by [William](https://darn.fish) ([@fishdarn](https://twitter.com/fishdarn))

Need help? Email [support@washyourlyrics.com](mailto:support@washyourlyrics.com).

This website wouldn't be possible without [Twinhelix](https://twinhelix.co.uk/tech-blog/washyourlyrics-scalability) and [these organisations](/thanks).

Not affiliated with the National Health Service (NHS), cleanyourhands® campaign or any government body. Stay safe and **wash your hands**

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